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Burglary and Theft Insurance

An act of theft and burglary is an intentional act of criminal mind. It is a crime against valuable property. The associated criminal acts are larceny, theft, burglary, arson, and shoplifting. An act of theft and burglary involves forceful, violent, entry or exits, and breaking of premises is attributed evidence against burglary crime. Insurance policies indemnify the loss to the assured, subject to theft and burglary arising out of violent entry or exits by the thieves or burglars.

Theft and burglary involves taking away with monies from the strong room, or safe box and even from the drawer of a locked desk. The exposed items are electronic items, power tools, jewelery, diamonds and all kinds of metal as well as stock in items of value. Protective & preventive measures like CC TV cameras, burglary alarms, strong locks, fixed at the resident places, shopping malls, retail shops, business establishments, factories, commercial banks could keep away theft and burglary acts from the sophisticated thieves.

Property Insurance Policy extends the cover to protect against the act of theft & burglary of content or stock. Home Owners Comprehensive Policy covers owners content and valuables at home, and Shop Owners Policy provides extension of insurance against insured item succumbing to theft by violent or forcible entry into or exit from the premises. Damage to the insured building from theft or attempted theft has to be included under the theft cover.

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